Twilight Sunset

A romantic experience of magic as the skies instantly change colors from an astounding aqua blue to a remarkable splash of purple, red, pink, yellow and orange right before your very eyes, as you watch the sun slowly saying goodbye. Cruising the coastline of the southeast peninsula in St. Kitts ideally positions the boat for you to capture this memorable moment. Enjoy ice-cold beverages of choice with your loved ones from our open bar while listening to soft music to set the tone. If you are lucky enough you just might happen to see the green flash across the horizon as the sun slips away. Tour departure times vary depending on the time of the year.


The spectacular views of the coastline

Watching the sky change colors before your eyes

Seeing the amazing sunset

Taking photos onboard with the sun setting in the background

What’s Included

A standard bar

Light snacks

Great music

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  • Cancellation
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  • Price
    $69 per Person

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